GSTIN reference for expense entry?

I need to claim input credit for expenses like telephone, air tickets, bank charges etc. How do I make an expense entry where I can enter the amount with the GSTIN of the service provider so that I can pull out a report for GST paid against each GSTIN?

I think currently you have to create Purchase Invoices for those expenses to claim input credit.

Thanks for the reply, I was also thinking the same but wanted to know if there was any other way as this is not the elegant solution.Another problem is that we would need to create all such accounts as payable accounts instead of expense accounts.

@keshav I think currently ERPNext is compatible with GST in India only on the sales cycle but in case of Purchase Cycle the only way to move forward is to create Purchase Invoice and I also know that there is no way currently in ERPNext to ensure that how to tackle the RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism in ERPNext)

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@nabinhait there are a lot of expenses for which we cannot generate Purchase Invoice. If we look at the workflow of ERPNext, we can add landed cost voucher for the expenses like customs duty etc. However, as IGST is part of customs duty, ideally it should show in the GST purchase register which in the current setup it will not. I don’t think creating a purchase invoice for custom duty is a good idea. Moreover if we go by this approach, will we be able to get the actual landed cost of the goods?

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Tax Input Claim on Expenses with GSTIN is a required feature.

I think it should be incorporated in ERPNext to make it tax compliant.

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I also have another use case regarding customs duty. I get a single Invoice from DHL couriers, which shows the customs duty paid by them on my behalf plus the courier charges as separate line items in the same invoice. What is the best way this can be handled in ERPNext with GST being involved here?

I suggest incorporation of separate Expense Invoice as though it were a purchase invoice, linked to respective journal entries, where we could claim input tax credit from biller.

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Is there any update on the requirement to show expenses booked through Journal in the GST Purchase Register?


This would also be significant for Canada too.

Is there any solution available in erpnext version 11 for add GSTIN reference for expense entry ?? or any alternate solution ??

Hi all,

Experienced the same problems.
I need to record General expense items (GST inclusive) in Journal entry, Purchase invoice is not ideal as I don’t want to create suppliers for these items.

Any updates on this post?


How to create GST reference for bank charges expenses, for which the gst input credit has to be taken. It should appear in GSTR2 reports. Example: Bank charges Rs.5 + 0.9GST to be recorded to claim inputs. This is a common NEFT/IMPS charges in bank statements.