GSTR-1 Beta is released today 🎉

We are thrilled to announce the release of GSTR-1 Beta, designed to simplify your GSTR-1 filing process.

Feature Highlights

  • Seamless API Integration: Effortlessly fetch unfiled/filed data from the GST Portal to compare data before and after filing GSTR-1.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Access a complete overview of Ledger Balances, Transactions, and data as per the GST Portal.
  • Enhanced Control: Ensure data integrity by preventing modifications to Sales Invoices once GSTR-1 is filed.

Take a sneak peek at some screenshots below!

Navigate through GSTR-1

Compare, Export, and File

Compare Historical Data

GSTR-1 Beta is available in both v15 and v14 for you to try out.

Docs: GSTR-1 | India Compliance

Happy filing!


Hi Smit_Vora, I am wei xiang and just started learning on eprnext system. If I want to implement sst for malaysia inside erpnext what are the steps I can take into account for?
How about gst (singapore based), how do I setup in the erpnext? The erpnext is for my company. Hope you can get back to me soon ya.


I am not aware of laws and requirements for Malaysia or Singapore. But following doc could be useful for you to setup taxes.

Consider having new thread for more specific issue if something is not clear.

Oh I see, for HR part how can I add a new field like EPF for the Payroll category though? Any references you can suggest? This is for the ERPNext.