Gsuite Jinja2 templating

It is not clear to me from trial and error if the gsuite integration supports full jinjia2 templating or only variables.


Ping, still can’t understand this…

For example, i cannot get the following to work in the gsuite template


Or other similar functions. Why?


Have you say a screenshot to detail your experiments or target use case problem?

That would help as a forum learning dialogue - I did discover this Google GSuite

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name '*gsuite*.py' 


Too bad the gsuite test is simply a ‘pass’ so that is not encouraging

For now i’ve got variables, but can’t get frappe.utils or other functions to work
For/if should work if i remember correctly

“Too bad the gsuite test is simply a ‘pass’ so that is not encouraging”

Your case might be a prime candidate for the first test - probably no test here since the first test can be hardest to pull together :wink:


I have a question

How do you manage to incorporate the variables?

I am doing this from the template and it does not send me the information

Any help would be appreciated