Guest and All roles, are all the Rule settings really needed?

Hi there,

on a fresh installation in Guest and All Roles have some doctypes enabled by default, see pic:


Job Openings and Help Article for Guest Role
BOM and Expense Claim Type for All Role

All this end to the fact that if an user doesn’t have HR Module, Manufacture, Website module enabled, they still get the module listed and the menu can be seen, see pic:

The user actually has this Role:

Is that by design? Could you please double check?

Even worst is not possible to remove Rule from Role Manager, it is needed to remove directly from Database, but it get reloaded on each bench update. Can u please double check this as well?

ERPNext: v8.0.7 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.6 (master)


Any info on this?

@JoEz I think these seem reasonable. Module View should probably be fixed. Maybe you can propose a solution.

@rmehta as first thing allow to remove directly from Role Settings.

As a possible fix do not assign All and Guest role to all the users by default; let the system manager decide what Role and Doctypes user can access.

What you think?

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I’m guessing certain “Guest” and “All” permissions are needed for website and portals.

Maybe the roles can be added only if those options are enabled…but I realize that can be quite tricky.

Guessing …can Roles be added if user are Guests or no other Roles selected?