GUI Download Backup List not Populated

I am running 9.2 from a Virtual Machine under Windows Server Essentials 2016 host.

I have generated a number of backups using “bench backup” which can be seen here:

However they do not show on the GUI:

Note also that using the “Download Files Backup” button sends an email with only partial URL eg:


Please use following links to download file backup.
Public Files Backup: http://erpnext.vm/backups/20180109_115239-erpnext_vm-files.tar
Private Files Backup: http://erpnext.vm/backups/20180109_115239-erpnext_vm-private-files.tar

To implant the server domain name it is necessary to declare “host_name” in site_config.json . I do not think that this is covered in the installation documentation.

Can you create an issue at Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Curiously the download list has now appeared but with the truncated URL…

eg /backups/20180109_134850-erpnext_vm-database.sql.gz