Guidance needed: Adding Cash on Delivery to shopping cart

Hi all

It’s notable that most of the payment gateways on ERPNext aren’t usable in most parts of the developing world, like most of Africa. In these places cash on delivery is a big deal.

I’m willing to work on this feature but I need some guidance on how to go about it. If you have some idea on how to go about this please let’s discuss.


To me, does that require any development?It is merely Cash Payment Option.Create a Cash On Delivery as the mode of payment and link it to the cash/Card account of the delivery staff who collect the Cash or Card payment at the point of delivery.

Try using the website shopping cart and you’ll see what I’m talking about. There’s no other means for a customer to make an credit order without payment or a desk user’s intervention

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Not entirely correct. If you disable the payment a user can make an order and will receive a quotation.
Unfortunately, improving the webshop seems not to be high on Frappes priority list. The webshop is functional but not very user friendly

this was never fully implemented

how can I do that?

@becht_robert, understand the use case. How confident would you feel that you’ve placed an order if you end up with a quotation?

This should work out of the box.

Thanks @netmanthan, we need this feature.

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I have tried to do my research as well as possible to find out if this option is still unavailable, unfortunately it seems like it isn’t available yet. I’m in a third world country, and “cash on delivery” is extremely popular here.

I have to agree with @adam26d that end clients receiving a “quotation” isn’t really confirming their order was placed.

Any hope to solve this and have the COD option, or any work around available for this scenario?

Any help will be appreciated… many thanks.

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its 2024 and I searched for the same purpose as yours, here for online shopping “Cash on Delivery” is the option. I hope there is an option now.

I hope somebody will inform/guide me how to obtain this

@adam26d how did you manage cash on delivery?