Guidance Needed: Moving ERPNext Database to a Separate Server


Hello Frappe Community,

I am looking to achieve the following setup for my ERPNext installation and need your guidance:


  • Move the ERPNext database to a separate server.
  • Keep the frontend and backend on the current server.


  • To enable scaling the database server resources independently.
  • In case of issues, the application can be restored from the cloud, but the database data is critical and needs to be preserved.

Current Setup:

  • Both ERPNext application and database are hosted on a single server.

Desired Setup:

  • Database on a dedicated server.
  • Frontend and backend on the existing server.

Request for Guidance:

  1. Could you please guide me on how to achieve this setup?
  2. What specific configurations need to be updated in ERPNext to point to the new database server?
  3. What potential issues might I face during this process?

Any detailed steps, best practices, or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,
Shivam Thaker