Guidance on How to Use ERPNext for Marketplace Accounting

Hello everyone,

I’m here to kindly request your insights and opinions on how to use ERPNext for managing our Marketplace.

Within our Marketplace, sellers and buyers are both considered our customers. Sellers subscribe monthly and pay a percentage fee per transaction, while buyers make purchases.

Managing payments to vendors varies, sometimes occurring in a single payment and other times in two, depending on the deal.

My questions are as follows:

  • What is the best approach for registering sellers and customers in ERPNext?
  • How should Orders be managed when a customer places an order?
  • What’s the best way for handling transaction fee charges for sellers?
  • How can Subscription billing be effectively managed?

Do you think this could be achieved with the regular erpnext modules? or should I adapt it?

Your expertise and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your input!