Guidance required for Bank Statement Upload

Any guidance how to upload Bank Statement as per below documentation post.
I am in V12.10.1x

Bank Statement Upload

Bank Statement Import allows you to define the standard format of your Bank’s statement export and then allows you to import the your bank statement. The tool will also help you reconcile payments, make new payments and match them with invoices.

I did this step what next

Hi, I am a Erpnext clouduser,but never could make it work. A very weak part of Erpnext

Thx @becht_robert, do you use any workaround?

I have used Bank Reconciliation and it works

Once you upload, go to Open “Bank Reconciliation” (page) and select Company and Bank Account and upload statement and Reconcile this Account

Just make sure Debit and Credit is from Bank point of view not ERPNext.

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no, i have given up