Guidance with name item naming/code/series


New to ERPNext and am trying to understand naming and codes for Items.

When entering an item, I’m asked for a “Item Code” and and “Item Name”. As well, I select a “series”.

After adding the item, there’s a column labelled “item name” under which the name I entered is displayed. The “series” I chose appears over the right with no heading and what I entered as Item Code is not be be seen.

Further along, if I do a sales order, what I entered as Item Name is now displaced as Description, Series is displayed as Item Code and and what I entered as Item Code appears no where.

For a beginner this is really confusing and seems a bit inconsistent. Can someone explain this suggest a strategy for naming/numbering?

I know there is the demo available that I’ve looked, but is there a sample or precedent available; something populated with data from someone who really knows the system? It might help a beginner understand how the developers saw some of this best being used

if the above isn’t clear, here’s some screen shots