Guide for volunteers


  • Only posts which are marked Solved or which are Closed are resolved. All other posts need your help.
  • Raise github issue if needed.
  • If there is already an issue on the post check whether it is closed. Close posts with resolved issues

Github Issues

PR Approval and Merging

  • Volunteers check and approve PR for:
    • Functionality (Generally approved by module leader)
    • Code and naming conventions. (tabs, spaces, indentation, variable naming etc.)
    • Automated Tests (Server side and UI)
    • Documentation (docs / forum / github wiki, etc.)
    • Manual Tests - [How To] Testing a Pull Request
  • Even if you use PR Approve Feature of github. Write a comment in PR Conversation, what you approve (Functionality / Code / Automated Tests / Docs / Manual Test) and other details regarding approval
  • You can counter previous approvals if you find something wrong while you test.
  • Final decision for merging will remain with frappe core team.

Github Milestones

  • Module volunteers meet on call Weekly or Fortnightly
  • Discuss one month roadmap for module
  • Module Milestone will be created for the Month
  • 5-6 Issues per Module Milestone
  • Discussion and proposal on
  • Github issue created for detailed specifications
  • Dummy data files (xlsx, csv, txt) share on google drive/dropbox and post link on issue
  • Private group on discuss forum will be created as per request. Module Leaders can contact @revant_one

Concern which was shared with me.


Should there be mentions for module volunteer?

Notification badges help me know who needs help on which topic. I’d encourage tagging a volunteer on public topics. After all it is choice of volunteer to respond or ignore.

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Hi @revant_one
I have few more suggestions:
You may delete this post and if agree add to main wiki.

  1. Every contributor should add Github username next to their name & also if service provider: Name of the company. Ex- Mohd - mdwala - Alex Co. (This will generate little attention to user that which service provider helped him, and his activity with core. Same way it will help service provide to gain interest in user). Not sure if can add it with username intead of name.

  2. On Service provider page - Every Service Provider must provide their discuss user-name along with their name. Optional Github username too. (Will help users indentify good developer and this is only way to do this)

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