Had wrong settings for valuation

Hi there,

I have the following problem and I don’t know, how to resolve this:

  • Tax-settings for Purchase Changes and Taxes Template have been set to"Valuation and Total" as it is in default settings
  • I made some bookings of Purchase Invoices and therefore I had some items in our stock

If I click now on Stock Ledger, I checked the item valuation and it is valuated including the tax.

I changed now the Template to use “Total” which should now valuate new incoming Items without tax, right?

How can I change the valuation of the already valuated items without tax?

  • I found the Stock Reconciliation tool to adjust the valuation.
    Is this the correct way of doing this? Or do I miss something?

Yes you can use stock reconciliation to adjust item valuation and record the corresponding difference in VAT account

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Thank you for your support. :vulcan_salute: