Hai Regarding GST [India]

This is ganesh
In a single invoice there are two products say

cake and chocolate

for cake sgst is 2.5 % and sgst 9 %
for chocolate sgst is 9 % and sgst 9 %

I need to display both type of gst in pos print

can any one guide us

Hi @ganesh
You will need to add the two taxes(CGST,IGST) in the Item Tax section of each Item Cake and Chocolate.

Please refer to the ERPNext manual here : https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/accounts/item-wise-taxation

are you sure about this? If this pertains to Intra-state GST of 5% then, it should be 2.5% SGST and 2.5% CGST.


Ya , it’s working
Thank you so much dhananjay