Half Day Weekly Off & Half Day Attendance Issue

Our case is we have Sunday and only HALF Saturday are weekly off.
It’s mean that we have 1,5 days per week as our weekly off

I’ve also add and check “half day” function in weekly off
But in total holidays, saturday is still counts as 1 DAY.

This issue links to attendance module
Although i set Saturday as weekly off for an employee, then in attendance i select “half day”.
System still counts Saturday as 1 working day, and 0,5 absent day as leave with out paid
It’s not correct in our case.

For example:
A employee is working 5,5 days per week, and he also presents 5,5 days
So his wage per day = Wage per week / 5,5 days

But with this half day attendance issue:
In salary slip, Wage per day = Wage per week / 6 days as working day
(Net pay = wage per week / 6 days x 5,5 days)
And it’ll reduce wage per day for employee.

Please let me know how can i fix this problems.
Best Regards.

Hi, did you find the solution?

Unfortunately, still not… :frowning:

This might fix your requirement.

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