Phamos HR Addon for ERPNext

Hello to you all!

We have come across some requirements that can not be met my the standard functionality of the HR Modul. Specifically when using Attendance (for all kind of Leaves) and Employee Checkins (with Shift). Our solution was to create a custom app which can be considered an ERPNext Addon. It is built on top of the according process regarding the subject mentioned afore.

Check it out here

You’ll find the documentation here:

Hope it might help :slight_smile:


Hi, great work you’ve done here. I have a bit of an issue though. I created weekly working hours for an employee but when i try to process work day for that employee i receive an error that i should first create weekly working hours for that employee even though the record already exists.

did i miss any step?


You’ll have to add each day of the week (monday to sunday) to make it work.

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Thanks!!! adding saturday and sunday did the magic. However, i see a few calculation issues. most prominent is where checkin log is uneven, it leads to invalid hours worked calculation. See below example screenshot.

I presume the calculation relies on data pairs in order to calculate the hours worked as i noticed that all records that have since checkin and checkout records have accurate hours worked data.

Thanks for the hint. The “wrong” calculation is the indicator for your HR personal to check these Workdays as the corresponding Employee Checkins are an uneven number. This needs to be fixed by the HR personal first.

This was our solution for the moment to make this highly visible. Also you can filter for Workday WHERE hours_worked <0 and you’ll have all the entries that need to be fixed.

Kind of a feature not a bug^^

I do understand the logic behind how the work hours are calculated and it is quite impressive. The scenario above came about as a result of checkin records being generated using a biometric attendance machine to capture checkin data. And as i am sure would be the same experience for so many who use biometric attendance machines, the checkin data could be unwittingly duplicated as my example above shows. Hence the above is in no way meant to suggest a bug… it’s just to emphasize the scenario where an employee creates multiple checkin records by capturing their biometric data multiple times, this could lead to uneven data and the result would be what i showed above.

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ah, I see. You mean because the times are so close to one another.

Yes, we might have to go over how Employee Checkins are checked for plausibility.

In our case we are using RFID-Cards that where that is done. We have implemented a software on a raspberry with a final-state-machine to avoid wrong entries. At the moment this is easy as we are just using one terminal to capture the checkins.

Other Employees of the company use a Web Form of Employee Checkin to track their entries.

Further there is an employee who goes over the checkins to see if everything is even. And records of Employee Checkin is IN-OUT-IN-OUT-IN-OUT…

@flexy2ky should you find any other issues please post these in the github repo so they are collected in an orderly fashion. Thank you!

Also Thank you for testing. It is always helpful to have some third-party testing going on :+1:


Hi Wolfram,

This is great. This will help all the companies for whom timesheets and hours worked is a big part of expenses.

Thanks for your contribution.


Hi Jay, thank you for your feedback.

In a later stage we would make Workday submittable and have it create journal entries to get the accounting part done which will inevitably asked for.


Great add-on. This inspires what I have been looking for all these years (since ERPNext’s inception), which is “hourly leave application” :sweat_smile:

Example would be “2 hours leave on this date” instead of half day :grin: hope you guys pick this up and bring it to ERPNext.

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2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours doesn’t half day feature cover’s for this?

But 2 hours isn’t half day. It should equal to only 20% of your day, not 50% which is the half day :slight_smile:

@iMoshi thank you for your feedback.

How would you go about this? Would you implement the “Hourly Leave” as a further type inside Leave Request?

In HR Addon you will be able to control the target hours for a day manually. So in case it is about leaving a little early for a doctors appointment you can already put that in Workday manually.


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Hey thanks for getting back. Hourly leave isn’t a leave type it’s rather a duration of just about any leave type.

I will be further checking out your Frappe app, haven’t really had the time except to see screenshots and description :slight_smile:

@wojosc does this addon works on v14?

@iMoshi were you able to find a solution for hourly leaves instead of half day only?

yes, it is v14 compatible