Get Employee Total Working Hours (Missing)

This might not be possible with query report. You will have to create a custom report.

See also Query Report - Query report Path on Server Side

Ok thankyou, Can you help me what i should start Custom report can you help me to this

This notes the three Custom report options you could use Not Found

So if neither the Report Builder nor Query reports meet your needs, your third option is to develop a Script report

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Thankyou for this, can you guide me how to develop Cumtom Script report

Hello, If there is only one log from employee checkin log how can i calculate and put value in total working hours as like half day of 4 hours. There is settings in shift type is if status is half day put work hour in 4 but when auto attendance in generated after working hour value is 0 !

I know this is out of your question, but would you mind to share how you customize for the “Working Hours (min)”, “Over Time (min)”, “Late Entry (min)” and “Early Exit (min)” calculation?

These settings are part of Shift Type doctype. After enabling mark auto attendance, these settings section will be displayed.

All these calculation of field is custom coded in server side of processing auto attendance in shift type py and employee checkin py

@tuguldurdmt welcome.

We need to look into “Timesheet” as well.

Hi all ,
Thanks for your efforts.
I want to know why all work hours is 0 although there are check ins and check outs
Thanks in advance
Ahmed Ali

Because it was only one attempt from log file. If any of employee make only once attempt tried in working day there is only one log file will come at program so it can not calculate working hours thats why its makes 0 value throws back

I’ve tried this , but the working hours shown as 0

hi everyone, where the “working hours” variable come from?

is it from Employee Check in?


You can see the working hours from the attendance logs. Go to Attendance → Report builder → Pick columns & save. Kindly check the screenshot below:


Thanks Reema for the answer, yes i can find WH there, but the amount is 0, even though i already set the shift type (8:00-17:00)…

actually i want to use WH variable to do Formulate in Salary Component…

Have you found a solution. Working hours show 0 in my report to. I want to use working_hours to create a salary component formula.

Thank you!

Working hours is calculated automatically by the system when using auto attendance using the Shift Type > Shift Assignment > Employee Checkin > Attendance flow.

This topic needs an actual response please. Attendance is reporting 0 working hours for all employees it marks via auto attendance. Shifts are set, auto attendance is working, working hours are showing as 0. The information that this value is calculated automatically does not help solve the issue, as there is a problem with it reporting 0 working hours when that isn’t the correct value.

Hope this might help some one here