Half salary Processing In payroll

Hello guys
I need to Process half the salary for employees. The remaining wants to add next month. Is there any option in erpnext for this?

Please help me with this.

There is no out-of-the-box way to do this at the moment. But you can achieve this by creating a new salary structure assignment for the affected Employees and allocating 50% base pay for this month. Then next month you will create another structure assignment and allocate 150% base pay for the employees. When you want to return to normal monthly base pay, you can assign the normal 100% base pay to the Employees following the same method.

This seems like a lot of work if you have lots of Employees but you can use the import tool to achieve this easily.

Thank For the reply

@flexy2ky can u please explain How to apply the percentage in the assignment?

@flexy2ky Did you mean that, enter half salary amount directly in the base amount?

Yes, this is what I meant.

ok. but is not the solution for my case .because we added an employee salary history doc to define the salary hike of employees by submitting salary structure assignments.so if added salary structure assignment the flow becomes an error.

Thanks any
way @flexy2ky