Handle Excess Manufactured Goods


I can’t find the best solution to handle excess manufactured goods. Due to human interaction in the process when making the product, sometimes we get an extra product in the making. So it will exceed our planned output.

In example, if I produced product A for 10 using :

  • Base ingredients of 10
  • Packaging for 10

But in reality, sometimes we can make it to 12 Product A just using that base ingredients of 10. What I need to do is to transfer or add again 2 packaging only.

What I had try was adding 2 packaging to manufactured warehouse, then change the quantity of the product and packaging in Stock Entry to update finished goods. But I can’t submit the document because manufactured goods is exceeding the Production Order.

What is the best solution for this? Do I have to redo the Production Order from the start? Or is there any better solution?

Can you add an altogether new “Material Receipt” Stock Entry? It will increase stock of received material in warehouse.

Production order for 10 - Product A
“Material Receipt” Stock entry for 2 - Product A


Hi @revant_one, thank you for your respond.

I think Stock Entry for another product A is possible when you are using additional 2 basic ingredients. In my case, I just had to add 2 more packaging, not the ingredients.

If I’m not mistaken, adding more product with Stock Entry will also update the valuation of the product itself? If we are not using the same ingredients to produce a normal stock, will it messed up the valuation?

There is a select field in Stock Entry called Purpose.

If you select the purpose as “Material Receipt” then just need to enter one row for 2 qty of Product A in any of warehouse with 0 rate. That will be treated as additional receipt of material in a warehouse without any purchase cycle involved.

Another workaround is select purpose as “Repack” and enter two rows, one for input qty and warehouse and other for output qty and warehouse. Repack 10 units in 12 units.

i/p qty = 10 Product A
o/p qty = 12 Product A