Handle Purchase Rate After Receive Delivery Note

I Have a purchase order and i received delivery note but i received invoice 30 days after delivery note problem here is their is difference between rates in po order and invoice how i can manage

Try making PI with actual price. I think PI will supersede delivery note price. Your outstanding balance will be as per invoice.

But it will effect the inventory costing right?

Yes. I think so. Better try it out un demo. Haven’t tested this use case before.

You should cancel receiving transaction, update PO price, then do receive transaction it should take new price

You have to use the actual inventory cost when updating stock. Else your profits will be showing wrong. System will accept PR/PI if there is any change in rate/quantity from PO. But you may have to close the PO manually. You have to untick the "
Maintain Same Rate Throughout the Purchase Cycle" from buying settings first.