Handle Under Production, Over Production and calculate Production Cost accordingly

In production cycle, there can be 3 cases

  1. Under Production, where in the “qty to manufacture” > “qty produced” which means we have consumed more raw material then expected, which is why qty produced is lesser.

  2. Over Production, where in the “qty to manufacture” < “qty produced” which means we are able to produce more with less raw material

  3. exact , where in the “qty to manufacture” == “qty produced” (ideal scenario)

lets take an example:
if i had to produce 10 pizza with 100gm cheese and 10 bread, but we produce only 8 pizza and consume 110gm cheese and 8 bread.

so while finishing the production ill set finished qty as 8 and the stock entry of type manufacture will have raw materials as per 8 and in real life until i do stock reconciliation there is no way to find out the exact amount of goods which was consumed. and since Work in progress warehouse is logical warehouse, user will not be able to physically reconcile, so how do we move back/ when do we move back the items in “workInProgress” warehouse to its source warehouse?

and this will also impact the production cost, so how do we calculate production cost considering additional raw material which is used.

similarly in case of overproduction the production cost will be less.

so are there any plans or already available functionality that can be used, or is there any design that we can follow to do this.

Hi @sivankar, i have the same cases.

these scenarios are common if you are producing any food.

During these days I was trying to gather information from companies that produce food on ERPNext but I didn’t find much in the discussion.

Did you make any progress with any of this?
It would be important to propose changes to incorporate all potential food companies.


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Hello, everyone!
Any update on this. How is it currently being handled by those having the same issue?