Handling custom taxes and shipping costs in inventory items

Hi All

From time to time I have to purchase some items abroad (lets say from USA and I’m in Colombia). The purchase orders and the purchase invoices, have the product costs that the provider give me, but in order to receive this products at my place I have to pay for Shipping, Customs taxes, and so on. I need this extra costs to be reflected in rates recorded in my inventory. Can you please give me a hint on how to do this?


have a look to Purchase Taxes and Charges templates and Tax Rules

There is something I don’t understand, I can add extra charges and taxes to the purchase invoice, but the exact values are only known to me after I receive the products. I mean I have to make and pay an invoice to my provider, and then a couple of weeks latter (after I receive the products), I get all the values for taxes, shipping and other related costs. But as I already presented the Purchase Invoice, I can not add this values. How do you handle this?

You may find this link useful

Also, you may want to consider using Landed Cost Voucher