Handling different recipes

We are a food processing facility. Our products are recipe based: for instance we manufacture different types of Guacamole: a Guacamole with Recipe X, another Guacamole with recipe Y, another one with Recipe Z…
I would like to have ERPNext set up in such a way that when I know that I need to make for instance 1,000kg of Guacamole Recipe X, it automates the purchase requests for the right ingredients and the right amount of them.
What is the best way to do that?
Many thanks for your help!

Hi @Olivier_HFF ,
1.create BOM(Bill of Material for different recipes)
(For example-
main item is -guacamole and your material can be -salt,garlic for recipe X
while making Y recipe-your material can be onion,salt
so make item as -salt,garlic,onion etc…)
so you can make different BOM for different recipe.

just go through link

2.then create material request with purpose as “Purchase”.
there is one button “get Items from BOM” click on that button and fetch items.
3.then create purchase order and purchase receipt


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Thank you @sagar - very helpful. One thing I’m still unsure about is how to handle packaging material. For example, our guacamole can be sold in trays or in pouches, and for each in various weight (200g, 500g, 8 oz, 16oz…). These elements affect manufacturing (different machines), stock as well as final price. My questions are:
A. Should the packaging material therefore be handled as ‘raw material’ in a BOM (as opposed to ‘consumable’)?
B. Is my best bet to create a BOM for each individual product (i.e. for each combination of packaging type and packaging weight) or is there a better option?
Thank you for your assistance!

That would require more engineering, but is the best option, you can always quickly make BOMs using “Duplicate”

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If we would like to sponsor more engineering on this topic, how would we go about the process?