Handling Items with variable lenghts

In business case, we are trading in fabric rolls.
The situation could be clarified by the below example :

  • We define a new item called FabricItem_01 . with serials.
  • We buy 1000 Meters from the supplier.
  • Supplier delivers to us 11 Rolls (each roll has a different lenght).
  • I may sell with one of the below options :
    - Selling multiple full rolls with (each roll already has its own length) . and invoice the customer with total length.
    - Selling a part of Roll and invoicing the customer with the sold length and that Roll length will be deducted by the value of sold length.

i want to know how to acheive that ion ERPNext?
thanks for your support.

Hi @ahmedfme! ERPNext has a UOM Conversion functionality. You may check this out here. In V8, Multiple UOM in selling is already in place. Check here.

Hi @creamdory, Thanks, but this solution is suitable if the conversion factor between UoMs is fixed and known.
But in my case i buy in Meters and receive and sell in Rolls which each roll has a different length.

I hope someone can guide me.
If my example is not clear please let me know.

Hi @ahmedfme,

Will all roll lengths differ? I think the work around would be to set the UOM to no’s and then to create variants for the Fabric Rolls.

Afterwards, you can customise sales order so that when you enter the fabric roll variant, it will automatically enter the number of meters in that roll in the UOM conversion. Although I’m not sure if it will work. :sweat_smile:


Hi @littlehera, thanks for your reply, this will not work, because at this situation the stocks will not represent the qty in hand in meters.