Handling Syncing of Offline POS Transactions as Background Jobs


ERPNext seems to have significant performance issues when you have a number of concurrent POS users even when the server specs are way beyond sufficient

Why isn’t syncing of transactions from the POS handled as a background job? Is there a technical reason why this isn’t feasible? I’d like to know if there’s a technical reason for not using background jobs before I open a Github issue for this


Hi @wale please were you able to resolve this or find an alternative means ? I have a similar issue.

Hi @Ebuka_Joseph_Akeru

Not yet… It beats the imagination why the core team hasn’t taken the retail industry seriously all these years. The POS feature in ERPNext can hardly measure up to many of the basic ones out there… The fact that it’s integrated with the other parts of the system like Inventory and Accounts is what makes it even a consideration at all

Most of us who struggle to use the POS aren’t even looking for more features… We just want the existing ones to work properly. I think one thing that will make a great difference is to have a proper local db for the Offline POS rather than using the browser’s storage. Hopefully some day very soon, things will take a turn for the better in ERPNext POS land

There are some custom apps being built to try patch things up a bit. Maybe you can consider doing a search for some of such threads on the forum



Speaking of local storage @rmehta did state sometime ago that they are working on a remote vs main server concept for a large retail chain they are prospecting.

I have suspended all work on retail until this is accomplished. It is the only viable option for using ERPNext for retail.

He did promise end of October for the project…I wonder if it is still on course ?

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Very True @wale