Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year to everyone in the community!

2020 was a year full of surprises. Hoping everyone made out okay, discovered new things and reflected a bit more than usual times. As we move on to 2021, where do you see ERPNext at the end of '21? Would love to hear your views.

(I for one, definitely missed the conference, we will do a bigger one this year!)



HAPPY NEW YEAR @everyone

Happy 2021.

I think, ERPNext will continue to see massive exponential growth in number of deployments. v-12 is truly awesome in terms of use and onboarding of new users. Ease of use will increase with v-13. Documentation will mature. Wider integration options. More contribution from community for niche’ solutions.

On Manufacturing Domain: Project Planning and (BOM) Item management will have more options for different kind of manufacturing businesses.

On Skill side, many tech folks would like to graduate as ERPNext experts (allow me to call them ERPNexperts) :slight_smile:


Happy New Year to All,

A new year is a time for inspirational dreams but more importantly a time to set your goals to see the dreams turn into a reality.


Happy New Year to all !


2020 was not a bad year. It made organizations think inward. Made organizations think about Work from Home and Continuity and focus on Systems. All of which play into ERPNext’s strengths. Hopefully the lessons of the pandemic won’t be forgotten by the time herd immunity through the vaccine kicks in.

By end of 2021 I see ERPNext making significant gains in terms of the types of companies and the seat sizes.

Organizations that have deployed ERPNext will struggle to extend ERPNext into their organizations and will decide to take a people-centric approach to implementation. Yes, ERPNext (as is any digital transformation initiative) is a systems solution, but unless the stakeholders of the organization accept a systems solution, the organization will not be able to reap ROI from the implementation.

I see ERPNext begin the journey of deciding what is core and what is an extension and the community will begin the process of consolidating the core while building the ecosystem to support extensions to specific verticals, domains and geographies.

I see the partner ecosystem growing, but also learning to differentiate themselves, Cross leverage of skills across partners will become the norm, rather than trying to do everything by oneself. Partners will begin to collaborate and such collaborations will help them establish ERPNext in organizations that they wouldn’t be able to by themselves.

Here’s wishing everybody in the community a happy, successful, interesting, challenging and prosperous 2021.




Happy New Year!
I agree!
I missed the conference as well!

Learned a lot about devops, data entry teams, documentation/diagrams and solidified my belief more into Frappe/ERPNext as the key to moving into the future of data management for any operation that wishes to be successful.


Happy New Year <3

Looking forward to an even more FOSS 2021, with open and available roadmaps that users and developers can contribute towards. The Make WordPress Core – WordPress Development Updates is a good model getting the greater community involved.

A full two way integration with the Magento 2 feature is highly expected.

Thanks for your great work!

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There will be more cases which ERPNext is more suitable instead of pure CRM or enterprisey solutions.

:tada::tada: Happy new year to whole community :tada::tada:

Happy new year everyone!

I am very optimistic about the future of ERPNext and its impact on businesses (small businesses particularly).

I’d love to see ERPNext implementation partners getting more support. For instance, I paid for the lowest partner plan that I qualify for and haven’t received any communication so far. Some functional support guidance that could help steer efforts would be great. (personalized consulting for partners at the price charged is most likely a no-go for Frappe tech). Something more online, scalable and self-serving would perhaps make sense.

Primarily, from a functional point of view, I see ERPNext having solid capacity to fill many business problems when combined with functional expertise in many domains.

I am also very optimistic about entrepreneurs launch SaaS businesses using ERPNext as an underlying framework (essentially replacing traditional ones say Django) and hacking it for their use-cases and custom needs. I’ve seen few threads from history on the forum and that could be a wonderful use-case.


Happy New Year to all .

Happy new year to one and all!

I also see how ERPNext/Frappe can position itself quite well in 2021 and am one of those people actively putting serious amounts of time into exploring it’s capabilities as the back end for SaaS applications in eCommerce and related services. This is my first python related project, so I am learning a new language and a new framework at the same time. I do, however, have extensive software development experience.

I very much appreciate how clever the overall design of the framework, it’s concepts and the implementation of them.

I am curious as to the direction the owners of the project want to go with the community. I recently saw the bounty on videos, and the resulting contributions. A good start to be sure, and all contributions are normally good, either in substance or in how they inspire others to contribute as they see ways to improve upon the previous works of others. The open source way.

A suggestion for growth, and please take it in the spirit in which it was given.
It would be nice to see more people, who have the know how and capacity, to help resolve open/unresolved issues and questions on these message boards. As someone who would be interested to go deeper into the ecosystem of ERP/Frappe, it’s discouraging when there are more “read the docs” links than there are actual bits of code.

Comments like “I’d love to see ERPNext implementation partners getting more support” should scare the hell out of the people who run the foundation IF growth is the goal. I know it scares the hell out of me when I am looking for implementation partners to help me with even simple things like installing themes. I, like many in my circle, gauge the level of expertise by the willingness to help others and the quality of help given on the message boards.

Anyway, none of this is taking a shot at anybody, I really do like this project. I think it’s needed in the ERP space and where I am able to contribute I will. The learning curve is a steep one but I’m committed and appreciative to the core team.

Thanks to one and all


Happy New Year

Happy New Year All,

i hope in 2021 erpnext 13 will be able to be released and stable already

long waited interfaces in version 13…