Hard to manage PDC in ERPNEXT

i think there is weakness in ERPNEXT for manage PDC , in most middle east countries transaction usually on post dated cheque , for example customer pay us 30 days or 40 days PCD when they collect items and we also purchase products with PDC cheque ,
for example we sell some thing and customer agree to pay 40 days PDC cheque , we invoice and after some times he bring the PDC and date should be 40 days from invoice date .
but in erpnex very hard to get report how much customer owe us , how much pdc have with us and still not cleared .
Totally how much pdc cheque we have with supplier for next 20 days ( custom date ) .
or total how much PDC we have from customer and will clear next XX days .
my idea ERPNEXT need this feature to manage pay and receive PDC .

Hi @meisam ! You can actually record PDC payments using bank as the mode of payment and put reference as check numbers with payment date as the PDC date. You can track this using the Payment Entry Report. If this is not enough, you can easily customize a report to cater this. Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply ,
I think you didn’t get my point , to manage PDC cheque needed so many things . for example on big company received and issue 100 PDC cheque per week , i think need minimum bellow thing to manage it :
for example this this should show :
1 : how many total PDC cheque we have to deposit today ( date is tomorrow ) .
2 : How many PDC cheque deposited but not yet get update from bank what happened
3 : How many PDC cheque deposited but not returned and we have to collect from bank and follow with customer of police to cash it .
4 : for paid invoice from customer by PDC , how much cleared and how much customer doesn’t pay at all .
5 - how many PDC cheque date is passed but still not deposited or deposited but there is no update from bank cleared or returned .
6 - when PDC cheque received from customer show amount as paid but effected in credit limit of customer , because cheque still not passed .

and all of this thing to supplier ( PDC issued ) .


@creamdory is correct she is taking about the process. @meisam you are taking about reports it can be done using script report.

when we can’t enter data in system about PDC how we can get report :smile:
we can’t enter cheque deposited in account or not
we can’t enter respond from bank about cheque and …

Please read carefully the answer of @creamdory :smiley:

Hi @meisam, i have paid in bounty source for this github post PDC Management Suggestion - Full Feature [Bounty] · Issue #6946 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub for this feature… hope you can contribute as well to include this in erpnext feature. Thank you…

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