Hardcopy printout of an email message

How do you print an email?

ERPNext: v10.1.70 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.60 (master)

Your question isn’t quite clear. Are you asking about online printing? and what printer (product name) are you using?

Thank you for your reply - the use case is that any email received/send should be capable of being printed. I suppose that you could call it online printing. It is printer independent and the operating system should deal with that in the same manner as any other module output in HTML could be sent to PDF format.

I have tried every option incl reports and in every instance thoroughly unable to simply print an email. Looks like a bit of development effort. Any suggestions on the general approach in this regard? I appreciate the complexity of the Comm module.

When you say you can’t print an email can you clarify exactly what is or doesn’t happen? Screenshots might be useful here

Emails are part of the Communication doctype. I know I’ve printed these before it normally just works.

Thank you for the reply. The send emails are in the email queue and a mail can be printed with the standard tool. The email body contains all of the meta data. Is it possible to format the email body here?

My fault. The email is simply a doc field as you say. The issue was to set print permission for user.

Pleased you managed to fix this

By creating a dedicated custom role in Role Permission Manager, the print functionality for email messages is working as expected i.e. allow print permission on level 0 and 1 for the role and any email message can then be printed as a pdf document.
But, email messages cannot be printed, resulting in a timeout, if an email contains any image. An images contained in an email is stored at /sites/sitename/private. wkhtmltopdf cannot render images from the private folder to a pdf document. The system may be set to save by default to the public folder but this is a security risk. Is there a workaround?