Hardware,Application,Database Performance testing and its Solution

Dear All,

 We are having 105 companies and 300 plus users, implemented ERPNext Finance Module since one year.  Application and Database are  running on Same Server.

Now we are facing some performance issues like system is getting slow, taking time to post the transactions,table lock.
We would like to do a Performance test in both hardware and software side.

Please Support us to perform this task.

Hello @zain,

Please add more details. As to what is the current configuration and if you have tried performing any tests on your own

I am guessing you will have some redundancy built on your hardware front.

If you add more specifics I guess more people might be interested in solving together.

We have tuned our erp cluster for better performance and we achieved our expectations.

I would be happy to connect with you and try to solve your performance problem

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Hey @njbhatt18 , can you share steps were taken to achieve your expectations ?