Hardware for small offices

Hi- We want to bundle erpnext for our customer- software+ local server ( to handle offline and internet service provider downtimes) that backsup to the cloud.

a. Any recommendation- we are looking for a low profile computer/tablet/box to run this service

b. Any recomemndations on how the 2 platforms will sync up? Anything we need to add or account for when we implement this setup.

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I would suggest to not have it locally but instead use erpnext.com and work on getting a stable and redundant (maybe 2 or 3 ways) internet connection. Maintenance will be a nightmare and risky if you are inexperienced.

The server? Anything will do. I5, 4GB Ram, SSD. You need very little.


I understand your concerns about poor internet connectivity. Also your handle suggests that your primary ERPNext use is healthcare where confidential patient data storage is a govenmental legal and ethical requirement. ERPnext comes with several 3rd party back up provider connectors built in. Others can be added simply by employing a developer located on these forums. As @dominik said unless you have experience in running a linux server use erpnext.com. The hardware requirements will not be your biggest cost. There is a Healthcare chat here:
erpnexthealthcare/Lobby - Gitter