Hardware for solo-user

Good day all

I have been using ERPNext that was hosted on someone elses platform and I now find myself
in a position to deploy ERPNext myself !!!

I have chosen Digital Ocean. Their pricing seems fair.

I have googled for some info around this matter and I am still not sure as to my next step.
many of the hardware requirement suggestions is for rather big system. Mine is small.

  1. Since I have never done a remote install such as this, I obviously would like to choose a small
    :droplet" to begin with. I can always upscale later. Would a 2G 1vCPU be good enough ? Single user. Production setup with 150 items.

many thanks

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2GB is a bit low for v11+ (4G recommended).
Why don’t you just use a VM and then you’ll have local access speed too?

Standard / 2 GB / 2 vCPUs is totally fine for a few users. But some things during installation and upgrade take a lot of RAM, so I recommend to increase the swap space to about 4 GB.

Also consider https://frappecloud.com/ which will probably serve your case better.

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Thank you trentmu for taking the time and sharing your viewpoint.
I did indeed consider using a local machine and it still is on the cards. The
reason for considering a remote installation is that , with me going thought a
process of using another companies resources and being told that they can no longer
support a solo-user, I was wondering if there are other “small” users that may be in a
similar position. They want to use ERPNext but are sent away by the “bigger” companies
because they are to small. And if I can get this going , then some other people can make
use of it as well.

Best !

Thank you rmeyer for your input. I appreciate you taking the time.

I shall read the doc on the link you supplied and make provision so that the install
has enough memory.

Best !!

Contabo has higher configuration at lower price. Choose the Xeon processor VPS. They also have i7 which is a bit sluggish but works OK.