Hardware recommendation for stock taking?

Hi all,

So I know ERPNext can work with just about anything, but does anyone have any experience with different hardware options and have anything they find works well for them? In particular with reference to stock taking. I’ve tried using the site on my iPhone but it’s a bit laggy and slow to scan. I could try pairing a bluetooth scanner to it and seeing if that’s any quicker, but any other suggestions?

Datalogic, zebra etc? I know they all make handheld computers that could work but again not sure if that’s the best option or if there’s anything better? We have four locations and 8,000+ product range so looking for something that’s relatively quick and stable.

For integration with our BEAM application, I have used two different scanners:

Wireless Bluetooth

RFID Proximity reader

Generally speaking, these scanner work fine and aren’t the part of the system that’s error prone or prone to breakdowns. Conversely if you’re printing barcodes, going a little higher end of the printer is advisable, like a Zebra Thermal Transfer printer