Hardware\Virtual Machine Requirements for ERPNext

I was searching through the forum for this info but found it scattered - are there any minimum hardware specifications (RAM/Processing/Storage) for a (virtual) machine to run frappe/erpnext?

What do you guys typically use on frappecloud?

I saw that the demo has been upgaded to V5… It’s looking really good.

Thanks, and my best wishes to the team

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1G RAM is minimum, might need more as per your database size (for mariadb to cache)

Thanks, and the processor?

Also, has anyone observed if an instance starts to inflate in size exponentially? I’ve set one up for testing, 6 users entering transaction data for 3 months and the size is already 13 GB. Is this normal?

Again, it’s subjective. Multi processor is good if you’ve multiple sites. It will help to serve webpages and run background tasks w/o much delay.

You should really investigate that. What is causing the bloat? Database, files, logs?

I would say it’s mostly files which the users have uploaded, but I’ll definitely check. Thanks!

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If we could say this base params for an organization:

100 Base Clients
1000 Sales Orders Monthly
1000 Leads Orders Monthly
500 Opportunities Orders Monthly
500 Sales Invoices Monthly
30 Web Users (10 concurrent)
30 Projects Monthly

What would you recommend on:

  • DB:

    • Separate VPS?
    • How much GB size for disk for a year projection?
    • CPU?
    • RAM?
  • Web Hosting:

    • CPU?
    • RAM?
    • HDD size for a year projection?
    • Any performance advice/adjust?

Thx :wink: