Has anybody tried to create a working tree view inside a html custom field?

I’m thinking of external integrations, such as DMS or Cloud Drives (OneDrive, DropBox, Nextcloud, Google Drive, etc.). Up to now and as far as I know, the file_uploader vue component is only used to select the origin of files to upload to File Manager as private or public files.

The use case of this tree view inside a html custom field or a new field type called treeview could be as follows:
1.- This html field inside a doctype could be filled with external or internal trees (for example, we could select the warehouse destination node in the tree for an item, or the account destination node for an account, or the destination folder node in the file manager for a file, or the destination external node (Nextcloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) for the uploading file.
2.- Thus, we could have increased functionality with hierarchical information, by navigating through the tree and selecting de node we just want to select.

Any ideas to just begin with?

I have tried to bring html and jquery ui components such as the old fancytree javascript component into the html field using Bring Data into HTML field in the DocType - #3 by Amalendu, but for the moment with no success.

Another possibility could be representing the tree view in a modal dialog to select the node, but I’ve also tried to bring fancytree component into the frappe modal dialog with no success either, in the same way as the datatable in a modal dialog made on Adding jQuery Datatable from external javascript and CSS style with client-side custom script

Any held would be very much appreciated, this GitHub - revant/tree_view from Profile - revant_one - ERPNext Forum could be a starting point? What’s your oppinion about?