Has anyone been successful using OpenVZ servers to host ERPNext?

Just wondering if anyone has had any success installing ERPNext on a OpenVZ type VPS server?

If so, could you share how you managed to get everything working and what method you used to get it installed?

Thank in advance. :grin:


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I did on both OpenVZ and KVM by default install script without any problem. So have you tried to do?

I have tried the install script on both an OpenVZ and a KVM server. Only the KVM server worked. Anytime I try to install with the easy install script on an OpenVZ server it fails with a swapfile error beause OpenVZ does not allow swapfiles.

That is why I am asking the original question. I wanted to know if anyone had figured out a way to install erpnext on an OpenVZ serve without a swapfile space defined and if there were any other issues to have to work around.


So please post the error into here so community can help your case

Not possible now. I have turned off all of the OpenVZ servers and I only have KVM servers running at this time.

The whole reason for me asking the question in the first place was to see if anyone has had luck using an OpenVZ server!!! I am not going to waste time on it again unless there is some additional guidance available.

I was never able to get past the swapfile issue, so I would not be able to know if there are other problems lurking in the OpenVZ server model (which again is why I asked the question to begin this thread).

So, again, if anyone has had any luck with installing ERPNext on an OpenVZ server, could you share your experience here and help the rest of us that would like to have that kind of server configuration?



Hi @bkm,
I just read your post here. But I responded to your post in other thread. So I move it here for better relevant thread.

I managed to install on OpenVZ by doing manual install. Easy install never worked for me (and I donโ€™t remember whether it was the swap or not).

Is there any change in ERPNext on this swap requirement? Because I just realize that my VPS is OpenVZ type (because the provider has new product and after talked to the sales I found it is of KVM type, and mine is OpenVZ) and ERPNext works well.

From top to the server:

MiB Mem :   3072.0 total,    416.1 free,   2523.4 used,    132.5 buff/cache
MiB Swap:   1024.0 total,    971.1 free,     52.9 used.    548.5 avail Mem 

Btw, I use CentOS 8.

I have not looked into the install script in a long time (since v11) The last time I looked it was still a requirement of the install.py script, but that may have changed. Up to v11 there was a test for swap that, if it failed to find swap memory, the install would abort.

Installing manually had been a suggested work-around even back when I first noticed this issue. However, there are other drawbacks to using an OpenVZ server that have been discussed elsewhere on this forum. Unless there have been significant changes to how the OVZ virtualization works, then I would still avoid it and look for the KVM type server instances. They tend to be less susceptible to bandwidth losses caused by other virtual servers sharing the same hardware.

Hope this helps.


Hello @rahy,

I would suggest you to try --container while installing ERPNext on OpenVZ:

sudo python3 install.py --production --user [frappe-user] --container

Iโ€™m not sure about CentOS but Yes, I was able to install ERPNext on OpenVZ type VPS servers. Good day ahead!

From the install script, the --container is for 'Use if you\'re creating inside LXC'.

Try OpenVZ 7, install docker and itโ€™s very simple after that