Has anyone migrated from Peachtree for Distribution

We are a longtime user of Peachtree/Sage for Distribution. I am looking into web based alternatives and ERPNext looks like it could work for us. I’m curious if anyone else has made a similar switch.

Currently, I am most concerned about the data migration, US accounting accuracy, and inventory.

I would love to hear if anyone else has gone down this road.

Every situation is different. As long as you can export data from Peachtree, you can copy and paste into the import templates from Erpnext. We usually recommend migrating master files, and open items. I wouldn’t recommend migrating history, since that is very complicated, and not worth the effort. We are in the process of migrating a client from Quickbooks desktop, and the process is similar.

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hi sir, do you have any idea on how to export all the general journal history in peachtree? I only found the total amount, not the credit debit history that can be exported in excel.