Has anyone tried AMP pages on a ERPNext Website

I am hosting a website with ERPNext website module. For better search engine results, I am trying to implement AMP pages in frappe webpages.

There is a restriction on javascript and certain CSS elements with AMP pages. Since Frappe CSS and javascript does get loaded on webpages, I was not sure if it qualifies to be AMPified.

Any experience or an example of a AMP frappe webpage will help.

As of now, frappe doesn’t qualify as AMP. Also, none of front-end framework including Bootstrap, Vue.js, react, angular etc… or server side framework qualify.
Thats basically because the purpose and the playground of apps (mobile first vs desktop first) are different.
However, you can write your own server side logic to access frappe api to generate AMP compliant dynamic/static pages using amp-components. ecommerce user flow can be built too.

However, most ecommerce/news sites etc generate AMP more as SEO strategy where given supposedly light weight AMP act as landing page from where user navigation starts to the full fledged (web) app.

Final note: Even if a webpage is non-AMP, the guiding principals of AMP can be used to make pages lightweight, faster, less battery hogging.

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