Has anyone tried Raw Printing in ERPNext with a Label Printer?

I am looking to buy a label printer, it would be helpful if someone has already tried Raw Printing with a Label Printer, please share the details.

We have hacked Zebra & Citizen (Specific models I think) printers and are able to generate a text file from ERPNext, which when dumped onto the Printer, prints the QR/bar codes as required.

We haven’t been able to crack being able to print directly from ERPNext.

Happy to share details. Please let me know.



thanks @JayRam
I am looking for a printer that can be integrted with the new feature here : https://erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/setting-up/print/raw-printing .



I think enabling the raw printing seems to be lesser of the two tasks. The bigger part is to generate the characters for the specific printer. There are no easy ways to that. You have to hack. But for specific models of Zebra and Citizen printers we have been able to do that. That too for specific Label Sizes and and for Specific layouts.

It’s trial and error!

Good luck!


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We have implemented raw printing:

I have tested the Barcode/label printing on the following printers:

  1. CL-S621 - (Sufficient for most uses cases)
  2. CL-S700 - (High-speed Industrial printer)

In theory, any printer that can take string-based commands should work. As mentioned in the documentation you can use Jinja to fill in your details and generate the final commands.

So far the ZPL language, seems to be beginner-friendly and the above printers support this language(in fact most label printers support ZPL). Also, the citizen printers have a ZPL manual that comes in handy.

Also, there is another printer language called Datamax(also supported by most printers) which seems to be more advanced. I am still learning about this language, and hope to write about it soon.

I am yet to find tools that can help you design labels(in ZPL) with ease, but here are some useful tools I found:

As mentioned by JayRam the whole process of designing the ZPL label is currently not fun, but doable.
Hopefully, we can end up creating a label designer UI right in ERPNext.

@community is there anyone with more experience with these printer languages?


We generally use Zebra GK888 for barcode printing. I guess any decent printer will do as log as you create a perfect print format


Help is needed

I can write printer string in any printer you say ,

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I have an Xprinter XP-420B
does it support ZPL?
I followed the ERPNext documentation on the raw printing section
and I still can’t figure out how to print barcode labels through erpnext

I appreciate the help

Can you check if the documentation of the XP-420B, e.g user manual mentions ZPL ?
We have been using TSC and Zebra with ZPL.