Has anyone used ERPNext to support and animal shelter? or a kennel operation?

I have had a request to try to assist an animal shelter funded by donations with a way to track the animals that come in and are adopted out.

I am not sure if it can be done, so I am asking if anyone has ever tried anything like this in the past.

Please pass along any information you feel may be helpful. This is not going to be a paying client for us. This is part of our 15% we give back to the communities each year.

Thank you in advance. :smile:


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Sounds like it would be an interesting project to work on. Would be happy to brainstorm. Animals being checked in/out might be similar to the way Gate Passes work in most organizations I suppose.

Possibly. I was thinking it might be more like a ‘refurbish and resale’ business. Like refurbing old laptops and reselling them. Serial numbers would be the RFID tag numbers implanted in all inbound animals. Those that might be too ill and do not survive, would be like the laptops that have to be recycled, etc.

I know that doesn’t sound very caring when applying it to an animals life, but ultimately I am trying to figure out a way to make this most excellent tracking package work for the benefit of the animals.

When I set out to take on my share of volunteer work, someone almost always finds me and gives that sad story that I have a tough time turning away. Last year a food pantry and homeless advocate, the year before a charity run nursing home.

This year the animal shelter popped up as I was scouting out last years Hurricane Florence business victims to help out. So now I will try to do both. Do a little each month up through June and then get back to my work full time so I can afford to do it all again next new year.

Anyway… I hope I can find some clues from anybody that might have run a business model that can be adapted to the shelter. Get a few configuration pointers and go see what I can do with it.

Thanks for the gate pass idea. I have never thought that one through before. I guess it works. The object is to make something work with no customization of ERPNExt. That way it is not lost in the update/upgrade path in the future and can be running faster than trying to make up some custom apps.


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