Has the `bench release` command been deprecated?

It’s still in the docs: bench/docs/bench_usage.md at 07b1462e603984ea9f3bb58567bacec3d8ccc86c · frappe/bench · GitHub

But running it throws Error: No such command: release.

Based on this closed PR, perhaps it never was available? (I’m quite new to Frappe)

If that’s the case could someone pls point me to the recommended approach for versioning custom apps?

I see this PR referenced: [fix] change in versioning: store __version__ in __init__.py · frappe/erpnext@227b238 · GitHub

implying that I’d have to change init.py, hooks.py and setup.py (pyproject.toml now I suppose) but the PR is quite old

I think all I have to do is just edit the __init.py__ in app rootdir. Marking as concluded.