Have a somewhat complex "Billing/Payment" structure need for ERP - Is it possible in ERPnext?

I need a solution that can handle payment processing in a hierarchical manner.
I need

  • Parent
  • Child
  • Grandchild

Example, Imagine a “Medical” billing agency.
The Doctors (who own the clinic), has his own Merchant account to process payments from Grandchildren (Patients).
We (the Parent) the Agency, manage this process for them. We provide services, management, collections efforts etc for the Doctor (Child).

So EACH Child (Doctor) (which we need to be able to have MANY) has their own merchant account, and I need to be able to create “GrandChildren” (Patients) in the system, who are in some way CONNECTED to the Child (Doctor), and then create payments THROUGH the Child (Doctors) merchant account.

Does this seem possible with ERPnext??

Many thanks!

What is possible in ERPNext without customization:

Also check @Ranjith https://smartehis.com, repo GitHub - ESS-LLP/smarte: smarteCare - Frappe modules for healthcare management

Additional level of customization and integration is possible using the Frappe framework.

From what I understand from your query, this is more like setting up a collection agency. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with an HIS.

IMO you can relate the Parent as a Company in ERPNext, and configure the system as @revant_one suggested. Also, think of Accounting configurations (Payable / receivable accounts) for children, grand children etc.

Yes…we’re EXACTLY like a collections company.
We’re billing the Doctor’s patients…using the Doctor’s merchant acct…then doing our work from there.

I’m not sure what you mean by an “HIS”??
Can you clarify.

Do you know of solutions that can ‘process’ the payments through various merchant accounts??

Thanks all!