Have manually improved a translation but there are no changes in the live site

I have translated manually the file, but there are no changes in the strings of the live site.

How can I apply this chages?


We timely pull changes contributed from the portal and merge it. Your contribution should be live after the next merge. @nabinhait any update on when the next update is expected?

The thing is that I have translated the .csv file and replaced it on my local installation. But the chages are not live.

I have made a pull request to fix the PT-PT translation, please aprove. Thanks

Hello friends of frappe, is there any guide to help in the translation of the manuals into Spanish on GithHub?
Could you please help me?


Welcome to ERPNext!

To improve the manual you would need some basic Git skills and to check the changes, you will need to have frappe installed.

The steps would be:

  1. Fork the foundation repo from GitHub - erpnext/foundation: Website for ERPNext Foundation (already installed if you’re using ERPNext app)

  2. Clone the Foundation app

  3. create new branch for spanish translations

  4. Create translations by referring to the English manual

  5. When done, commit the files

  6. Push to your repo

  7. Create a pull request to the main repository

You can lookup some videos and tutorials for basic Github:


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Thank you very much @kennethsequeira.