Have you checked out Frappe Desk? 😃

Hi everyone,

Last month we launched Frappe Desk, an open-source ticketing software. :tada:

We’ve designed it from the ground up. It lets you streamline your company’s support and helps you efficiently manage your customer queries. It can help you to,

  • Create tickets from email or help center
  • Empower customers with a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service portal
  • Automate redundant tasks like agent assignment and set up triggers to notify agents and customers based on certain events

Here’s a glimpse:

You can explore Frappe Desk by getting yourself a free trial from frappedesk.com.

GitHub - frappe/desk: Customer Service Software

Frappe Desk community: Telegram: Contact @frappedesk

You can reach me out at harshit@frappe.io or Telegram: Contact @harshit30 if you have any queries.


Is frappe desk going to replace ERPNext Support ?

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In the coming months, yes.


Can it currently run inside an existing ERPNext instance as an app or it requires a separate site to run?

I installed frappe desk into an existing installation of erpnext v14, but am getting the following error.

I guess this answers my question.

Yes, it can operate alongside an existing installation.

Really, the url is yoursite.com/app/frappedesk (not frappe-desk), seems a bug on link.


It is working on a site with Erpnext (and others apps) running

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if you can point me to how you got it to work with other apps it will be very much appreciated because I installed it and it didn’t work. See the screenshot below:

change the URL to /frappedesk instead of /frappe-desk, we’ll get this resolved in our next release*(2 days).*


This works. Thanks. I see it operates as a sort of standalone app but I understand there are plans to replace the Support module in ERPNext with this in the coming months. This is a welcome development.

One quick note though is the email setup does not support group email configuration. So if I have an email group called support@mycompany.com I cannot currently set it up as it does not have its own password as it is attached to myself@mycompany.com and other team members. How can this use-case be implemented on the desk app?

Group emails don’t have an inbox, hence we can’t implement this. However, if you have a solution or you can contribute to this feature, please do. :blush:

Group emails don’t have an inbox but shared mailboxes do, and this use case applies as well. This is already supported in the standard Email Account setup in Frappe so in my opinion, it should be easy to port to support this use case for Shared Mailbox at least.

As for Group emails, a condition can be set for only emails that are sent to the group email (eg support@mycompany.com) to be synced from the inbox of mymail@mycompany.com which was used to authenticate the account, just as a condition to only sync unseen emails. This will limit the emails sync from the inbox to only relevant support emails.

In any case, options for being able to use Group emails are possible but this can only be done if it can be configured in the first instance.

Nevertheless, great work so far! :clap:

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Thank You, that worked.
How can I fix it till I wait for the update.

Will it work on v13 and v14 both or just v14 ?

Is it possible to integrate this with SIP TRUNK for Call center?

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