Having an issue with fetching currency exchange rates when entering old sales orders/invoices

We want to migrate our company to ERPNext.
I have read this thread https://discuss.frappe.io/t/best-way-to-import-old-purchase-sales-invoices/89553 but it does not really answer my issue.

At the moment we are importing old sales orders and invoices. We have multiple currencies and when I want to create an old (or even new) sales order fetching the currency exchange rate fails. It requests the following: Unable to find exchange rate for USD to NAD for key date 2022-10-10. Please create a Currency Exchange record manually

I cannot image that I will need to create manual Currency Exchange records for each day and each currency we use. Is this a bug in my system?

  • We are using version 14
  • I have both enabled and disabled ‘Allow Stale Exchange Rates’ trying to mitigate the issue. But neither fixes it.
  • All needed currencies are active
  • Our base currency is NAD

Any input will be appreciated. We are new to using this system so it might be that I am simply overlooking something.

Not very likely.

  1. Go to Currency Exchange Settings in your ERPNext instance.

  2. Check the Service Provider. Change it to Exchangerate.host

  3. Go back and create a test entry to check if the exchange rate is fetched.

The error is caused due to the selected service not able to find an exchange rate for the given currency or currencies.

Frankfurter doesn’t support NAD currency while exchangerate.host does. Changing the settings should do the trick.

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Thank you! It works perfectly!