Having challenges setting up my office365 domain

As of October, Microsoft no longer allows basic authentication for IMAP/POP3 with MS 365.

This will make it impossible to configure Incoming Settings in ERPNext, without customization.


How do i go about it i need your help

Hi @brian_pond wanted to know is the way to mitigate this since Basic Authentication is no longer used

I don’t have any premade solution for you. I don’t use any MS 365 products, and my clients only use it for SMTP. So I haven’t planned to work on this problem.

In theory, you would edit the Python code behind the 'Email Account' and Email Domain' DocTypes in Frappe. Adding some new functions to implement the OAuth 2.0 protocol. I’ve included a link below, with more information about that.

If it’s important for you, I’d suggest hiring a developer who’s interested in working on this.


Work in progress here:

You can temporarly reenable IMAP Basic Auth in the Exchange Admin Center → Help → Type in “Basic Auth” → Run diagnosis → Enable IMAP

I think this is still working until January 23.
Hope this helps.

Hello @avc thank you for the update.
I went to the github link and it seems that the task is complete now.
Can you please provide an update here (no technical) of how we normal people can get the email to work.

Best regards,


I’ll try to create a little tutorial about it in the coming days, based on our experience.

Thanks for your patience.