Having different desk site based on access control

I would like to have different desks “https://demo.erpnext.com/desk” based on access control.

The use case is this
there are 5 departments which I have
HR department must only have access to HR apps
Purchase department must have access to purchase apps
Similarly for other departments

The users are saying they like the desk interface as a landing page. Can I setup seperate desks based on login id

Gasby Apparels

Just saw this video → Session 1: Creating an App - YouTube

Is a site what controls the desk. Meaning, if I create a new site, then I can have a new desk and the apps can be shared with this new site.

So I can have purchase.gasby,com , sales.gasby.com and so on ?

Way to implement this is permissions. Users with specific permissions will be able to see specific modules

Thanks mate