Having issues with chat in a fresh installation of v12.0.3

I am running into two issues. First, most times I send a message (and sometimes when I simply open the window) I am greeted with the following error message:

TypeError: the JSON object must be str, bytes or bytearray, not 'NoneType'

The other issue I’m running into is when I’ve tested uploading attachments to the chat. It throws this error:

File None does not exist

I’ve tried poking around on the internet for a bit and I’m not seeing these problems anywhere else, hence this topic. Maybe they are just bugs in the new version? Thanks in advance.

You’re not alone Server Error on using Chat (v11 upgraded to v12)

Please share a traceback if you can thanks…

edit: This PR may fix the problem fix: Chat attachments not working by Don-Leopardo · Pull Request #7890 · frappe/frappe · GitHub