Having trouble setting up ERPNext 14 on VPS


I am trying to setup Frappe and ERPNext on a VPS powered by Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I have been following this tutorial by @HUMENTH.

I am confused at step #16. The command given is

bench new-site erp.YOURDOMAIN.COM

Here what should I enter for yourdomain.com?

In my case the sub domain that will point to this VPS is: erp.xyzee.com.

Should I keep it as it is in the tutorial or have I to replace it with erp.xyzee.com?

I am trying to setup a production server.


Yogi Yang

You can replace “erp.YOURDOMAIN.COM” with your domain where you want to deploy your ERPNext Site.

Like: replace “erp.YOURDOMAIN.COM” to “erp.xyzee.com

bench new-site erp.xyzee.com

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