Header and footer not showing in PDF

I am using
ERPNext: v13.36.3
Frappe Framework: v13.37.0 in AWS .
I want to use Header and footer in quotation.
when i print preview quotation, header shows but when i make it pdf or i email the quotation there is no header.
how to show the header in pdf?
print preview showing header:

pdf not showing header:

This can be
a browser setting (print headers and footers set to off)
a wkhtmltopdf version “problem”
Check with wkhtmltopdf -V (should be 0.12.5 with qt patch or higher - 0.12.6 is best)

I am using wkhtmltopdf version 0.12.6

I think this is the issue of the Erpnext app which makes pdf files.

hi you can Add custom Pdf

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