Header Missing while downloading Salary Slip from PWA App


With the reference to the above captioned subject, it is to inform you that when we are trying to download Salary Slip from PWA App Salary slip Header is missing.

Kindly look at the matter and do the needful.

We tested in the latest version so it’s worked properly.

I think, wkhtmltopdf version issue.

please install the correct / latest version of wkhtmltopdf with qt patched


hey @NCP,
installed the lastest version of wkhtmltopdf with qt patched

wkhtmltopdf --version
wkhtmltopdf (with patched qt)

but still unable to get the header when salary slip is downloaded through frappe HR app but working fine in the website

salary slip print in website


salary slip when downloaded in frappe HR app


I tested in Frappe Cloud and also locally, so it’s working from my end.

which part of code is responsible for print formats in PWS apps - @NCP
i mean which files I should look to debug the code inorder to find the issue or bug

you have to find the code in hrms.