Headings between items, how?

To make larger quotations more readable and easier to understand, I like to group the numerous items in sections.

Each section then has a heading, such as “Hardware”, “Software”, “Services”, “Sweets” and what have you.

How can this be done?

So the item list looks kinda like this:

- Super SSD, $1,000.00
- Super RAM, $2,000.00
- Super Algo, $3,000.00
- Super Query, $4,000.00
- Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, $5,000.00
- Hershey Bar, $6,000.00

Hi there,

Custom print formats are all done via Jinja (Jinja — Jinja Documentation (3.1.x)). If you assign the items to appropriate item groups, it’s just a matter of looping through the quotation items to sort them by those groups.

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good point! Yet it would be great not having to use item groups for sorting or headings, like so:

Quotation for office skyscraper equipment

Ground Floor
- 20 speed gates
- 40 rfid readers
- 60 body scanners

First Floor
- 800 screens (eight for each investment broker)
- 200 workstations
- 100 water coolers

Second Floor
- 300 office chairs
- 4000 uniball pens

Top Floor
- 1 conference table the size of a tennis court

Item Group was just an example. You can sort the items however you want.

thanks Peter! I will delve into it